TechBullion Interview

emil michael

On the fundraising side, the number one piece of advice I have to entrepreneurs out there is, don’t get attached to an investor, get attached to a process. And what that means is decide what your process for fundraising is going to be, and try to be unemotional about firms and investors that come in and assess them objectively, don’t fall in love. If you fall in love, you may end up taking a lower value deal than you should take or you may evaluate how much you like that person, not about what their firm could bring to the table. And so you want to be clear-eyed about choosing that. So we always said, we were at Uber things like we’re going to spend four weeks on fundraising. We’re going to do 15 meetings and whatever valuation it spits out, it spits out. We’re going to take. We’re going to test the market and we didn’t get patched to evaluation and too much.  This is not to say that some investors don’t add more value relative to others, but make that one of the criteria not the only criteria.

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