About Emil Michael

Emil G. Michael was born in Cairo, Egypt on September 19, 1972 and moved to America a few years later.  He earned his BA in Government from Harvard University (cum laude) and JD (with honors) from Stanford Law School.

A former Senior VP and Chief Business Officer at Uber, Michael began his business career at Gemini Consulting’s Converging Markets Laboratory as a strategy consultant. In 1998, he became Investment Banking Associate at Goldman Sachs before moving to Tellme Networks in 1999 as SVP of Field Operations, a position he held nearly a decade.  He was then the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense.

In January 2011 Michael headed his own advisory technology firm, counseling various technology firms throughout New York, including: Bureau of Trade (acquired by eBay), ChatID, Codecademy, Flipboard, FundBox, Fundera, Evolv, GroupMe (acq by Skype), iSkoot (acq by QCOM), LendingHome, Lookout, Mercaris, Oyster, RingCentral, Rockmelt (acq by YHOO), SeatMe (acq by Yelp), Signnow (acq by Barracuda), Siine, SnipIt (acq by YHOO), Taser (NASDAQ: TASR), Xobni (acq by YHOO) & ZenPayroll, ZocDoc.

Before Michael became Chief Business Officer at Uber, he was COO at Klout in San Francisco.

In addition to his business executive roles, Michael has taken an active role on various boards over his career. In 2014, he was appointed to the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board, which, since its establishment in 2002 has sought to “provide independent advice on the private sector. Michael was the only one of the new appointees to have experience with startups.”